Forgotten what certain ages are like? Ask your Neighbourhood Toy Store staff to remind you. There are certain things that all kids in each age group love. For instance…

Babies are learning with all their senses.
Look for different sights & sounds, textures, even scents. Favourites are toys for Grab & Suck; Push & Roll; Drop & Pick Up; Peek A Boo; Make a Noise; and Hug!

Toddlers are busy every minute they are awake, discovering physically, mentally and with language.
Open-ended toys that encourage active exploration get the most mileage: knobs and doors; fillers and dumpers; ride-ons and climbers, as well as imaginative toys for quiet times.

Preschoolers can settle down to one activity, and love pretend games.
Grown-up “props” (like dress up) develop their language and social skills. Pretend characters help them understand their world. They blossom with puzzles, games, building toys and art tools, all of which provide skills for school.

School Age children continue to learn through play.
Just as they love social times, they revel in the pride of accomplishment. “Toys” which encourage them to discover, create, challenge their minds and develop skills bring satisfaction and joy.